Mazda 6 Service Select – Price Guide

The table below shows the price+ of each scheduled service and the Additional Maintenance Items for your Mazda6^.


Prices effective from 1st September 2015.

+ The recommended Mazda Service Select price for each Scheduled Service may be amended from time to time to reflect changes such as the cost of labour, parts, lubricants and other materials. Please refer to or consult your Hornsby Mazda Service Centre to confirm the pricing for your next Scheduled Service at the time of booking. There may also be variances from state to state so please check with Hornsby Mazda. You will however not pay more for a scheduled service performed by Hornsby Mazda than the current prices published on at the time your service is carried out.

^ This Service Schedule and Pricing is based on the normal use of your Mazda vehicle (as set out in the Owner’s Handbook). At times, additional maintenance and repairs may be required if the vehicle is used under certain circumstances. The additional maintenance and repairs will not be covered by Mazda Service Select. Please discuss how you use your vehicle with Hornsby Mazda to establish if additional maintenance outside of this Service Schedule is required.

# Various wear and tear items are not covered by Mazda Service Select and will be required to be replaced over time due to the normal use of your vehicle. Such items include but are not limited to: windscreen wiper blades, brake pads, light bulbs or fuses.