Travelling with Children

Hornsby Mazda employs over 150 people across all aspects of Mazda sales & service. Amongst us, there’s quite a contingent of Mums & Dad’s. Below is a list of our favourite holiday road trip travel tips:

  • Preparation is the key – plan to travel when the day is at its hottest, approaching nap time or after a lunch stop that combines a game of hide’n’ seek.
  • Felt boards for fun – easily stored, inexpensive, passed around the cabin of a car without mess & for varied ages.
  • Eye Spy – because no road trip is complete without a round (or 10!) of a classic!
  • Motion sickness is reduced by looking at the road in front of you. Avoiding reading or watching tablets will minimise the risk & severity of.
  • Remember the baby wipes – so many uses when travelling, sticky hands, spillages, wiping down restaurant tables – one packet is never enough!